Pikapoo is 100% biodegradable since it is made out of cardboard.









Pikapoo comes with a detachable scooper, so that your hands never come in contact with the feces.




It took 8 seconds to tear off handle, open box, clean up two droppings and close the box.


Note: Pikapoo is faster in cleaning up and disappears faster in the environment




Each box of 80 pieces comes with a free carry
bag (holds up to 4 pieces) and clip, which can
be hooked onto any leash.

If "biodegradable" plastics do break down in a landfill (oxygen-free) environment, they'll emit methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2. Metals such as lead and cobalt may be added to make plastics biodegradable.  This raises questions about the toxicity of the invisible leftovers creating problems in rivers, oceans, and drinking water.  "Degrade to what?" is the real question!



Warm and squishy feeling which up until now have not met anyone who is overjoyed by it.





It took 14 seconds to open bag, clean up two droppings and close the bag.
(Please watch video below)


Tip: Bring a ziploc bag filled with cat litter (see photograph) for those times when it is really soft.  Sprinkle some cat litter on the feces which will make it easier to scoop.

Please watch PIKAPOO versus "biodegradable" bags video

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